Here is a list of articles which give additional information about Winona and our agricultural practices:

Winona Case Study - This is a Soils for Life Case Study 12, about Winona, NSW, © Outcomes Australia, Soils for Life Program 2012

Community in Landscapes project. This is a university of Sydney benchmark study of innovators. By Peter Ampt & Sarah Doornbos, 2010.

Pasture cropping reaps financial and environmental benefits. A case study study in Salt Magazine. By Alison Bowman, NSW Dept. of Primary Industries.

Three-course dining on offer for livestock.  Perennials in profitable farming systems. A future farm article. By Keith Tunney, December 2010. 
Science by David Ferris and Perry Dolling, Dept. of Agriculture and Food, Northam, WA.

A novel perennial pasture and winter wheat conservation agriculture intercrop system for Central USA.
A paper by Glover J, Duggan J & Jackson L. The U.S. Agency for International Development, Washinton, DC.

GEO 240: Soil Resource Management. Assignment Three: Soil Research Issue.
A report documenting the impact of different agricultural management actions; no till versus conventional till, on soil biological populations and diversity.
Soil Resource Management. Elise Wenden

Lifting ground cover and reduce drainage with pasture cropping.  Article in Farming Ahead, No165. Oct. 2005
By Sarah Bruce, CSIRO Sustainable ecosystems

Pasture-cropping: effect on biomass, total cover, soil water and nitrogen.  
Scientific paper by: S.E. Bruce, S.M Howden, S. Graham, C. Seis, J. Ash and A.O. Nicholls.  CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, School of Botany and Zoology, ANU.

Van Bushby and Phil Moody soil test results.
Van Bushby and Phil Moody did tests on soil samples that were taken from Colin Seis property “Winona” in 2005.
These tests were done to see if gains in organic carbon were possible with pasture cropping.

Pasture Cropping, A Regenerative Idea from Down Under
An article in ACRES, the voice of Eco-Agriculture, July 2012

Farmers challenged. An article in the Newcastle Herald 9th January 2012. By Stephen Williams.

Six of the world’s influential farming trailblazers share success secrets.
Article in the Weekly Times Now. By Sarah Hudson. February 2015.

Pasture cropping pioneer Col Seis receives Bob Hawke Landcare Award.
Article on ABC website. September 2014.
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