colin cropped jan 2008   edited s800After more than two decades of developing the conservation farming methods of ‘Pasture Cropping’, grazing techniques and general land management, life-long fourth generation farmer, Colin Seis is offering his services as an agricultural management consultant.

A description of Colin’s agricultural ventures and achievements are displayed on other pages on this website but it worth noting that his efforts have earned him the prestigious “Central West Conservation Farmer of the Year” award in 2005 for the Australian state of New South Wales. The National Carbon Farmer of the Year in 2007. The Australian Green Agriculture and Innovation award 2012 (GAIA), which is awarded for leading contributions to soil health and sequestration of Carbon, and Colin’s most recent award in September 2014 was winning Australia’s most prestigious farming and environmental award, the National Bob Hawke Landcare award.

Colin has been asked to speak at numerous conferences and to consult on farms and properties in all states of Australia and internationally for private landowners and international companies.

The need for a change in land management practices for many landholders is highlighted by the issues of declining profitability, loss of grasslands, poor soil structure, dryland salinity, poor soil health, soil acidification, and increasingly, herbicide resistant weeds.  Colin is offering consultancy services that will address many of these problems. This will lead to year round groundcover of perennial plants which will give increased profitability from improved soil health, organic soil carbon levels and availability of naturally occurring soil nutrients which ultimately leads to increased stock carrying capacity, increased crop yields, reduced crop disease and reduced costs.


 The topics that Colin can cover start with:

             -  Workshops for Landholder Groups

             -  Pasture-Cropping

             -  Grazing Management

             -  Grassland Management

             -  Soil Health

             -  Property Design


Who benefits from these consultancy services ???

  • Firstly, On-Farm Consultancy for those on the land who, because of difficult climatic and economic times, now have an opportunity to reassess their properties and  their farming and grazing methods. A written report is provided after property inspections and is a detailed report covering multiple aspects.  

  • Secondly, Catchment Management Authorities that may wish to expand their experiences with the changing trends and challenges of land management. This may give the CMA the opportunity to fund and organise training workshops. 

  • Thirdly, Landcare or common interest groups who have come together to address specific issues and who would like the advice and experience of someone who has spent a lifetime learning to understand how a different approach to farming and grazing will increase profitability while developing  regenerative agriculture systems.     

In each case, Colin Seis can host interested parties on the Winona property or simply travel to where ever the interest exists.

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