(Photo: Peter Morris)

The Winona Kelpies have a similar History to the Winona Merinos. The Seis family have had over 140 years and five generations of accumulated knowledge of breeding Kelpies, and working sheep and cattle with Kelpies. 

The Winona Kelpies were first registered as a stud in 1974 and has rapidly grown into one of the largest and most successful breeders of working dogs in the world. 

Winona Kelpies have been selectively bred over the decades, from old bloodlines for their intelligence, stock handling characteristics and excellent conformation. It is this combination of intelligence, long legs and agile ability which enables the Winona Kelpies to work long hours and days in demanding conditions around the world. Firstly the Winona dogs are ‘working dogs’ on our property ‘Winona’ being used daily, working large mobs of over 2000 sheep as well as being used in yards, shed and loading sheep onto trucks. 

They are used extensively by stockmen not only in Australia but are also recognised for their qualities internationally. 

Winona Kelpies are sold and are working stock in all states of Australia and have been exported to countries such as Holland, Norway, Chile, USA, Canada, and Ireland. Although the Kelpie has been bred for over 130 years for working sheep, the versatility of the Winona dogs can be seen in the diversity of stock they are working. Currently these are deer, pigs, and cattle as well as sheep in many countries the world over.













  Winona Drip - Working in Holland 


Dogs 2   Tore Nybo












 Tore Nybo working Winona Tanya in Norway.














 Winona Matt working cattle USA

Kelpie pups are always available for purchase. Older started dogs and fully trained dogs are also available to order- contact Winona for details. Export to all countries can be arranged using accredited air transport carriers.

The History of Winona Kelpies 

Colin Seis founded the Winona Kelpie Stud in 1974.



Wyreema Jed (Joe)

Wyreema Jed: (Joe) (Wyreema Elton John X Wyreema Tessa) was purchased as a pup in 1978. Joe became an outstanding and versatile dog, being excellent with sheep in yards and paddock and was just as suitable for cattle. He was well known around NSW, doing countless demonstrations at field days and shows as well as winning 3 sheep trials and yard trials. He was an exceptional sire producing many dogs with the same versatile ability as him. During his 14 year lifetime he produced over 300 pups. 

Wyreema Jed (Joe) was one of the very first dogs in Australia to have semen collected and frozen. This semen will be used soon to reintroduce Joe’s bloodlines into the Winona Kelpies.

 A four year old bitch called ‘Rockybar Cher’ (Rockbar  Blueboy X Wyreema Trisha) was purchased as a foundation female of the Winona Kelpies. Cher produced many excellent females with many of Winona’s bitches carrying Cher’s bloodlines today. 





Brippick Atlas

Brippick Atlas (Wyreema Jerry X Kirribilli Pam) Atlas was the next Male to be purchased in 1986. Atlas was an exceptional dog, having great ability with sheep in paddock and yards. Atlas complimented Joe’s bloodlines and stamped the Winona type of big, leggy dogs with dark faces (very little tan)




diesel  3








  Winona Diesel

Winona Diesel: Born in June 2000, he carried Cher, Joe and Atlas genetics and produced many outstanding, versatile dogs including Winona Jess who, although now old, is the leading breeding bitch at Winona. 













Kinghays seany 016 s600




 Kinghayes Seany


Since the original purchases very little outside genetics were introduced into the Winona Kelpies until Kinghayes Seany was purchased in 2012.  Seany has complemented the old Winona bloodlines very well, producing outstanding pups with excellent temperament. Seany was purchased for his sheep working ability and his equally important genetics. He carries much of the same bloodlines that are in the old Winona dogs. He is an excellent dog with a very sound temperament and versatile ability, being an excellent paddock dog and is equally good in yards. He backs sheep very well and barks on command when required. He is breeding very well, passing his good attributes of good temperament and versatile working ability on to his progeny. 











 Some of the Bitches at Winona today are:

Dogs 8 Winona Jess large s600


 Winona Jess

Winona Jess 18th: Carries Rockybar Cher’s genetics. Jess has been an outstanding paddock bitch and has produced many excellent offspring both male and female. She has competed in and won 3 sheep trials consistently scoring in the 90s.  

Dogs 9 Winona Jess   L s500

















Winona Wyn 504



 Winona Wyn


Winona Wyn: (Winona Diesel X Winona Jess) was born in December 2005, is an excellent and strong paddock dog working large mobs or small groups of 3or 4. 










Dogs 10   Winona Maddie L s600 002



 Winona Maddie


Winona Maddie: (Winona Diesel X Winona Jess) A daughter of Winona Jess with her mother’s ability of being able to quietly move large mobs or just as effectively, carefully work ewes and lambs.

















Winona Jane


Winona Jane: (Winona Sam X Winona Wyn) Born January 2009, she is outstanding in yards, and shed. She is a good forceful paddock dog.








Winona Cloe 056




Winona Chloe


Winona Chloe: (Winona Ben 13th X Croakes Chance) Chloe is a half sister of Jess and like her sister is a very good paddock bitch with superb covering ability. 














a1 crop s600

 Dogs 14











Dogs 13