There are a large selection of videos telling the story of Winona and all of the facets that make of Winona

A few can be viewed below, while links to others are given where you can go to various websites to view them.


History of Winona and brief Bio of Colin Seis 

In the video below, Colin Seis tells the story of the history of his family's farming enterprise from the 18 Hundreds to the present. His journey and experiences are documented, and how he came to the conclusion that it is critical for farmers to manage their native grasslands well, to achieve a goal of Profitable Regenerative Agriculture.



Species selection by Grazing Management

In the video below, Colin Seis explains how you can effect biodiversity and species composition in your grassland by your choice of grazing management. This was to a group of farmers attending a Pasture Cropping and No Kill Cropping course at the Lake Cowal Conservation Centre and organised by the Lake Cowal Foundation (