Our Merino Stud was founded in 1949 by Colin Seis’ father, Harry, but the Seis family has been continually breeding merino sheep in Australia since the 1860s when Nicholas Joseph Seis selected his first ewes and rams and started the wool growing tradition that has continued to this day. 

  ‘Winona Bill’ bred by Harry Seis in 1950 

As a result, Winona has nearly a century and a half and five generations of knowledge and experience to draw upon. It is this background of sheep breeding and husbandry, as well as property management skills that have molded the Winona merino into what it is today.

  Three award winning rams from Harry Seis’ 1964 show team

  Winona Jack 1972

The Winona Merinos 

The Winona merinos are a large sheep that carry heavy cutting bold crimping fine (18-19 micron) wool. In recent years greater importance has been placed on selecting for and breeding sheep that are faster maturing and larger framed but still producing long stapled, soft handling wool of 18 to 19 microns.  










 Winona Mike 2012

To produce faster maturing larger sheep Winona has introduced rams from One Oak, Langdene and Merryville over the last five years. This has already had outstanding results.








 Merryville Wally





Merryville Wally- purchased 2013, Micron 19.1 
Merryville Wally was purchased for his large frame and excellent quality wool.














Langdene 1471- Purchased 2011-Micron 19.4, body weight 100k at 13 months- old. 

Langdene 1471 was purchased fo hirs fast maturity , large frame and good quality wool. He is passing these attributes to his progeny.












Glendonald.- Purchased in 2014. He is a huge ram weighing 150kg and cutting 16.3kg of 18.9 micron wool.

He was champion medium wool and reserve champion sale ram at the National Merino Ram Sale in Dubbo 2014. He was sired by Glendonald 9-404 who was Australian Supreme Ram for 2011.










Rams are available for purchase throughout the year with the main ram selling season from October to April. Wool test results are available on all rams sold.

Ewes are also available to purchase throughout the year with the main purchase time being February to April.