The Kelpie Stud

The Winona Kelpies

The Winona Kelpies have a similar history to the Winona Merinos. The Seis family had over 150 years and five generation of accumulated knowledge of breeding Kelpies, working sheep, and working cattle with Kelpies. The Winona Kelpies were first registered as a stud in 1974 and has rapidly grown into on of the largest and most successful breeders of working dogs in the world.

Winona Kelpies have been selectively bred over the decades, from old bloodlines for their intelligence, stock handling characteristics and excellent conformation. It is the combination of intelligence, long legs and agile ability which enables the Winona Kelpies to work long hours and days in demanding conditions around the world.   

The dog are used extensively by stockmen not only in Australia but are also recognised for their qualities internationally. Winona Kelpies are sold and are working stock in all states of Australia and have been exported to countries such as Holland, Norway, Chile, USA, Canada, and Ireland. Although the Kelpies has been bred for over 150 years for working sheep, the versatility of the Winona dogs can be seen in the diversity of stock they are working. Currently these are deer, pigs, cattle & sheep in many countries all over the world. 

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